In Part 1, I will cover a high-level overview of OAuth 2.0 and Authorization Code grant type.

What is OAuth?

OAuth (Open Authorization) is a framework that defines how a third party application can access a user’s protected resources. You might have seen a lot of websites where you can sign up or…

What is map method used for? It loops through an array of items and returns you a new array. The simplest example would be squaring the numbers in an array.

let nums = [1,2,3,4];
let squares = => val * val); // [1,4,9,16]

Now, how do I build a…

Following are the list of top articles I read in 2018

“username or password incorrect” is bullshit (Travis Jeffery)

What makes a great app? (Josiah Humphrey)

A crash course on Docker — Learn to swim with the big fish (Adnan Rahić)

Best Practices for Onboarding (Nick Babich)

The Beginner’s Guide To Online Privacy (Iulian Gulea)

How to promote your Github project (Bohdan Liashenko)

30 Lessons I Learned From Conducting 30 Podcast Interviews (Tom Alaimo)

The 50/30/10/10 Rule for How to Wake Up Earlier and Work on Your Dream (Jason Gutierrez)

Slow growth is good for business (Aytekin Tank)

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